Welcome to the Job Center website for The Grove and The Farmers Market. Job seekers can browse open positions and upload resumes for hiring managers. Hiring managers can post open positions for job seekers.

The Grove

The Grove is one of the country´s most acclaimed shopping, dining and entertainment destinations, attracting more than 18 million visitors each year from Southern California and around the world. Blending an array of exciting, high-end retail choices with a community feel, The Grove is a gathering place where people can spend a whole day shopping, dining and spending time with family and friends. For more information visit www.TheGroveLA.com.

The Farmers Market

The Original Farmers Market has been LA´s favorite spot for shopping and dining for nearly 80 years. It is home to almost 100 restaurants, shops and artisan grocers, consisting of small grocery and restaurants to international retailers. For more information, visit www.farmersmarketla.com.


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